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Water Boreholes

Water boreholes provide a private water supply for domestic drinking or garden/farm supply. Water boreholes work in the same way as the old fashioned well. By drawing water from the natural aquifers in the ground, through bedrock and chalk to provide naturally filtered and cleaner, purer water than that which is piped by water companies.

The supply from a borehole is not affected by hosepipe bans and in the long-term can become a positive selling point for a property when the high cost of water supply in the southwest is considered.

  • Drilling of borehole to required depth
  • Installing top casing into bedrock (grouted in to prevent contamination)
  • Installation of borehole liner
  • Building of manhole
  • Well refurbishment
  • Reputable local pump installation services

Site Investigation

Site investigations are carried out to determine the make-up of the ground preceding the sale of a house or construction projects. They can determine the type of ground or rock on which a property stands or whether there are any voids or faults running through it.

This can help to determine the type of foundations to be used on a build, whether underpinning is required or can even pinpoint the presence of mine workings.

Working with qualified surveyors we drill a series of holes around a site to determine what lies beneath the ground.


The ground maintains a constant heat year round which can be exploited to provide a heat source for your property. Geothermal loops are installed and a mixture of anti-freeze and water is pumped through extracting heat from the surrounding ground.

  • Drilling of borehole
  • Installation of geothermal loop
  • Backfill borehole using thermal enhanced grout
  • Flow and pressure test borehole loops once installation and backfilling is done
  • Capping open borehole


Where ground instability is an issue piles can be installed for support or underpinning. Steel casing is driven through the unstable ground using a DTH piling hammer until bedrock is reached.

A rock socket is then drilled into the bedrock and reinforcing bar then installed to the bottom of the socket. Concrete or grout is then pumped into the hole to the top. Ground beams are then fixed on top.

  • Drilling of the pile with casing to bedrock
  • Drilling rock socket
  • Installation of reinforcing bar
  • Pumping of grout into fill piles

Rock Anchoring

Earth and rock anchors are typically made up of steel bars that are installed and grouted into a drilled hole.

The anchors are then put under tension to test them. The rock face is first cleaned down to remove debris.

A series of holes are drilled into good rock and the rock anchor is inserted and grouted into place. Rock mesh is then placed over the anchor ends and bolted into place.

Pump Installation and Servicing

We have a reputable contractor for pump and filtration systems, most of this is on the shelf, ready to cover all your needs.

Please contact Crystal Clear Boreholes directly.
t: 07399 417919
e: crystalclearboreholes@gmail.com

About us

Abbey Drill is based in Redruth, Cornwall and we offer a free initial site visit including water divining.

As a driller I have over 35 years of experience in a range of types of drilling, including underground drill and blasting for forming of new tunnels, ground support such as rock anchored steel beams or meshing, water bore hole for private or commercial water supply, rock face remedial work with mesh and anchoring, geothermal hole drilling, Mini piling for bridge and dwelling support plus underpinning, ground profile/site investigation and diamond core drilling to name but a few.

  • Previous work

    ¯Shaft sinking and tunnelling at Wheal Jane mine.
    Channel Tunnel building segment and proof grouting.
    Gwithian sewage out fall tunnel drilling and blasting and ground support.
    Haddon Hill Somerset water transfer tunnel probe drilling erecting steel support beams for unstable.
    Ground drilling and blasting.
    Costains tunnelling for South West Water.
    Carnon Enterprise site investigation mini piling diamond drilling hand tunnelling under roads.
    Truro shaft sinking South West Water.
    Emerson Moore Geo-Science Bristol drilling for rail track for historic mine workings in Cornwall.
    Camborne mini piling for new dwellings.
    Helston rock anchoring for Cornwall housing.
    Geothermal drilling Cornwall Council.
    Water bore holes all over Cornwall and Devon.
    And many more...


Full public liability insurance.
Health and safety awareness training.
CSCS construction related occupation.
SpanSet height equipment appreciation course.

At Abbey Drill we do our utmost to work with the client, give them the highest standard of performance, so that they are more than satisfied with our services.

Equipment we use

The main drill for bore holes, piling and geothermal holes is a "Gemsa Gemtrack" compact rig which has been designed for access to small and confined spaces such as doorways, at 0.7 m wide it has been used for piling inside dwellings. It can drill up to 150 m in depth it has a separate hydraulic power pack to run the rig.

We also use hand held drills and frame mounted drills for rock anchors, soil nails and other drilling jobs were the Gemsa would be unsuitable.

We also have various other gear for grouting, rock breaking and ground support.

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